Instructions & Information

Wafer Toppers

Please keep the topper in a dry place until ready for use, do not refrigerate.
There is no backing to remove on wafer toppers, simply place on iced cake as close to serving time as possible.

Prolonged exposure to moisture may cause the topper to bubble and blur the image.

Light or white coloured toppers are best on white icing, dark coloured toppers are best on dark icing.


Icing Toppers

This item is best used as close to serving time as possible, simply remove the clear backing paper and place on iced cake. If you are having trouble removing the backing, it may help to put it in the freezer for a minute or two.

Icing toppers will last for up to 6 months in a clean, dry, place. Do not store in the refrigerator or allow contact with moisture prior to application. This may cause the topper to bubble and blur the image.

All Personalised Toppers.

Please leave personalised details in the space provided in checkout.  If we do not receive these details, we will;

Send with 'Happy Birthday" only or,

Send blank with no text or,

Cancel and refund for the personalised item.

The option selected will be at our discretion will depend on the product.


Cookie Cutter Care instructions.

Some cutters may have sharp edges, therefore, not suitable for small children

PLA plastic is not suitable for dishwashers, gentle hand wash only in luke warm water.

Avoid exposure to heat.





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